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Personal data

Protection of your personal data

Z Nautic respects the personal data of all users visiting this Website.

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We know that you care about how your personal data is used. We thank you for the confidence you have placed in Z Nautic and shall scrupulously protect your data.
In fact, the protection of your personal information is one of our main concerns. As the Website is based in France, we protect personal data communicated to us by our users in accordance with the security and confidentiality standards in force and in particular those recommended by the French data protection authority (CNIL) and the French Law of 6 August 2004. Our employees are given access to information about you so that they can personalise and continually improve our response to your requirements. We may also use your personal data to examine a request from you in relation to products or services or when we are exercising our rights in accordance with the law or the agreement entered into with you. We regularly implement new technology in order to provide the best protection possible for your personal information. All of our employees undertake to respect these important principles.

When is personal information collected?

When you ask to be contacted by our company through our Website, we collect personal information in our “Contact us” form. This includes your name, address, email address and telephone number. Information relating to your user profile is kept by our company and only used internally, mainly to carry out market research. We may also ask you to choose a username and password or user ID in order to access certain sections of our Website. When a visitor asks to view pages on the Website, our servers automatically recognise the browser name and IP address. Similarly, our servers record any email addresses you provide to us.
We reserve the right to gather and publish generic information relating to our visitors’ profiles, but not personal information, such as the visitor’s name and addresses. By way of example, this may include information such as product or service preferences in certain sectors of our catalogues.
We use “cookies”, alphanumeric codes that we save on your hard drive via your browser. They enable our system to recognise your browser and so offer you a customised experience of our Website. You can consult the help section of your browser to find out more about your cookie settings.
This process informs our efforts to improve our Website and adapt it to the needs of our users. We also use the information gathered, and any other information resulting from your past and present actions on the Website, to correct any technical problems experienced by you or other users and, where necessary, to check that you are adhering to the general terms and conditions of use and to offer you similar services or products that may interest you. Z Nautic shall only disclose personal data collected as mentioned above to its employees or affiliated company or to companies, such as our service providers, that have signed a relevant non-disclosure agreement.

How does Z Nautic use your personal data?

Z Nautic shall not transfer, sell or rent personal data to unaffiliated third parties unless we have first informed you in communications or agreements, obtained your consent or are required to do so by law. Where possible, we shall inform you if we are obliged by the law or by a court decision to reveal personal data about you (unless we reasonably believe that we are not authorised to do so). It is not possible, given the current level of technology, particularly that generally used for telecommunications networks, to guarantee the confidentiality in particular, nor the integrity or authentication, of emails or voice messages that you send or receive. We use the email address that you provide in the context of services rendered or at your request to send you information on our products and services through our newsletters and to invite you to take part in surveys on our products or services. If you are acting on behalf of a commercial company and you do not want to participate in our surveys or if you do not want to be contacted, you may ask to be placed on the “exclusion list” by placing the message “No, I do not want to added to the Z Nautic mailing list” in the “Contact us” section. If you want to send one or more pages of our Website to a friend by email, we will collect the recipient’s email address in order to send this information. Z Nautic may contact you by email, via a general notice on the pages of our Website or by post to the address featured in Z Nautic’s registration database.

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