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Law enforcemement

Law enforcement

  • Patrol
  • Coast Guard
  • Police
  • Administration / Authorities
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  • Marina, port activities
  • Expeditions
  • Hotels & resorts
  • Clubs
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Search & rescue

Search & rescue

  • First responders
  • Fire brigades
  • Surveillance
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  • Army
  • Navy
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We provide safety and security on the water
for those watching after us

our range

Our range

inflatable boats

inflatable boats

About aka marine

About Aka Marine

AKA Marine, is a brand of Z Nautic Group; a company which has long been recognized as the international leader of inflatables and RIBS by offering unmatched quality products which have a proven track record for dependability and reliability.

We provides stable, agile and sturdy boats, so professionals around the world can stay safe while keeping us safe and secure.

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